Hello, I'm Michael!

Michael Gruneberg, PhD, the author of the LinkWord courses, is widely acknowledged as an international expert on memory improvement. He is a former senior lecturer in Psychology at Swansea University as well as a former President of the International Learned Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, and gave the opening invited address to the conference on New Approaches to Memory Improvement, held in New York state in 1992 and Published by Springer USA. Dr Gruneberg has published numerous books and articles in scientific journals on applied memory research. These include studies showing exactly how effective LinkWord is in increasing speed and enjoyment of language learning, unlike any other available language courses. He has also published LinkWord language courses with sales of over 750,000 copies so far.

Michael Gruneberg

Hello, I'm Chris!

My name is Chris Potyrała and I am a teacher of English. For over twenty years of my work, I have been using associations to teach English vocabulary. In 2015, with the support of many kind people, I published a book entitled "English by association. MemoWords. It works!". Now, together with several enthusiasts, I am working on a dictionary of associations. Join me!

Krzysztof Potyrała